Through our price comparisons from various manufactures & suppliers, purchase history and E-Procurement through Email, purchase order -to- Warehouse receipt -to- Accounts Payable integration are few of many features that will make your procurement and inventory control easier to manage.

If you’re running a wholesale business, you’re in a challenging middle position. It’s easier all the time for your buyers to reach manufacturers directly, so you need to provide the extra value that keeps your customers around. Businesses choose Jecimal for its accurate cost control features, warehouse inventory and distribution to various outlets, built-in CRM, and easy work flows to generate attractive yet profitable sales quotes.

You manage product price for each category of customers, system automatically pick price based on customer type or from quotation given to the customer. All orders from phone, online shopping cart and E-Commerce sites such as Amazon etc will be gathered to a central management screen where you will fulfill orders by a click of a button.



Our point of sales Java application can run on many variety of operating systems, cloud connected, connected to POS printer,belt scanner, hand-held scanner and Credit card reader. Your will view or print reports and view sales graphs from our main Web application
Our Cloud connected slick tablet (Android) based has full future that includes POS printer, hand-help scanner and credit card pin pad.

Online Order

Online Order

Your customers can login into Jecimal's online order portal by entering valid username and password will see list of previously purchased items for easy selection and add new items to the shopping cart , price will show based on the customer's type, quotation price if any otherwise regular retails prices will be charged.
Customer can pay online using their credit card or select pay later where your customer service will create invoice for fulfilled orders. Backorder if any will show on Web applications order management page.

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